Surprise Edition Candle

Surprise Edition Candle

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These 2 in 1 candles make great gifts, not only do you get a beautifully scented soy wax candle (Zero paraffin & clean burning) but you also get a 2nd surprise!
Burn your candle as normal and you'll reveal a surprise gift! 
Each candle contains either:
A necklace
A charm (suitable for a Pandora bracelet or similar)
or a ring!
* simply light your candle and enjoy!
* when you see a silver package blow out your candle (wait a couple minutes as the tin will be hot) after a few minutes use a pair of tweezers to retrieve your surprise!
All the jewellery is 925 sterling silver, simply add a note as you go through checkout with your ring size (This doesn't guarantee a ring) and leave the rest to us, if there's any item you definitely DON'T want please leave a note at checkout but for a true surprise leave it to us!

Ring Size Conversion Chart

Ring Size Circumference (mm) Ring Size Circumference (mm) Ring Size Circumference (mm)
A 37.8 J 48.7 S 60.2
B 39.1 K 50.0 T 61.4
C 40.4 L 51.2 U 62.7
D 41.7 M 52.5 V 64.0
E 42.9 N 53.8 W 65.3
F 44.2 O 55.1 X 66.6
G 45.5 P 56.3 Y 67.8
H 46.8 Q 57.6 Z 68.5
I 48.0 R 58.9


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